I did another with SMU and I got an extremely feint, almost invisible BFP. I feel pregnant but the lack of a second BFP is doing my head in. The rest of the day I kept getting BFN's and I just though my urine was too diluted and it's still early. i have only just got my bfn, never thought i would be pleased to see one of them but it means i know the next bfp i get is a new pregnancy. Sep 2nd '13. Plus I had (light) spotting 9-10dpo which I've never had before. One had the faintest line and the other was negative. Went out and bought more FRER's. I got a bfn 9dpo (definately bfn, took the test apart held it up to the light, etc. hey first time poster - i have a beautiful almost 7 month old daughter - got my first May 10, 2015 · Had the nasty words "NOT PREGNANT". AF due tomorrow. My levels must have jumped up as a BFN on digital yesterday morning to a BFP today. LittleOnes said: ↑. I have been so nauseas all week (still am). #5 ml600, Dec 14, 2014. They have awful blue-colored evap lines. At this time my OPK's were a little dark but not near positive. Hi ladies, I took a HPT at 13 DPO around 1 pm and got a BFP, it was sort of faint but I didn't If you used a blue dye test to get your BFP, yes, it could be a false positive. Just did another one and BFN. Rebeccaaaa. It could also be too early to get a + with anything other than FMU. When AF was due I got a strong BFP then a BFN with fmu and a light BFP the next day and I'm now 15 weeks so I dont see why not. i did a digi yesterday morning which was bfn and a first response with the same wee and that was positive. Aug 30, 2018 · Bfp, bfn, bfn, then BFP again!!! 4 days ago I tested positive with EPT brand pregnancy tests. Feb 02, 2015 · BFP then BFN. Please let me know once you do test! Keeping everything crossed for you. i got a faint bfp on the first too on a superdrug test then later that day got even lighter line . It's definitely a CP then. Yesterday I got a faint BFP at 9DPO within time frame with FMU. January 2010 in Trying to Get Pregnant. The next day I took two first responses. This morning I had a Rexall Brand Plus test and BFP then BFN then BFP? [Pics] LaurenLove TTC since Sep 2010; Ohio 8 posts. I think you should wait until AF is due for the result to be more accurate x. . The BFN on the digi was likely bc the digitals are less sensitive (need higher hcg in urine to get pos), and the $ store one was prob pretty sensitive. Oct 15th '11. (It's an addiction I know). im obviously hoping for a bfp next week too (determined not to test till monday) so fingers crossed for us both! Nov 25, 2015 · All it said was "HCG less than 7 lU/l". Since you got BFP-BFN (i wouldnt even count this as what I just said above)-BFP-BFN, I dont think it's likely to be a chemical. Feb 17, 2011 · I had a BFN all the way from 11 DPO to 15DPO, then i gave up and thought AF is definitely coming. Have told myself not to test again until Thursday so will keep you updated. Gutted. GOing to do one with FMU tomorrow but my head is blurred. My luteal phase is normally 13 days and I'm now 15dpo, my temperature is still up and no sign of AF. 0. The line showed up within about 3-4 minutes and before the test had dried. I used FMU and the result was a feint but clear BFP. May 28, 2019 · Closed my eyes saying "when I see the BFN just move on and stop fooling yourself " but - there was a "Pregnant 1-2 " on it . 4 days later she still hadn't arrived so i tested again at 19DPO and got my BFP! Funny thing is when i checked the FRER i had taken on 15DPO there was a line - 4 days later!! that definitely was not there at the time i tested. I guess that's basically saying it's a bfn. Trying to research on the net and for 16dpo a 1-2 is low level and I am finding lots of ladies reporting a Chemical Pg with scenarios like Oct 11, 2014 · I got bfn at 10dpo and then BFP at 15! (I didn't test inbetween so may have got BFP about 13/14. Last Friday at 8/9DPO ( very very early and stupid i know) I woke up feeling 'odd' and was compelled to POAS. BFP then BFN then BFP? fishfam. BFN again (gutted) for me today so no idea what's going on - I now just wish I'd either get my BFP or my period to start so at least I'll know when my cycle is again. - very obsessed) then this morning at 10 dpo I got my bfp! The 9dpo test was an accu clear test which is suppose to be very sensitive so I thought I was out. i think the digis are just not as sensitive im going to do my other digi on sunday i think . bfp then bfn Garden Faery Due August 24; 1 child; Ireland 5 posts . Add Friend Ignore. Nov 8th '12. Hmm. The next day I took three more first responses because I'm crazy like that and they were all negative. xx. Jan 20, 2011 · 27th too. May 03, 2012 · Hi